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Love Earth Organic Dried Shiitake Mushroom (80g)

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Product Details

As a symbol of longevity in Asia because of their health-promoting properties, shiitake mushrooms have been used medicinally by the Chinese for more than 6,000 years. 

The common name for this mushroom, "shiitake," comes from the Japanese language. "Shii" in Japanese refers to wood belonging to the Pasania species of tree on which shiitake mushrooms naturally grow. "Take" simply translates as "mushroom." You may sometimes also hear shiitake mushroom being referred to as the "Black Forest mushroom," and they do indeed grow naturally in that German mountain range.

Health Benefits of Shiitake Mushroom

  • Lentinan, a potent antifungal protein in shiitake mushrooms, was found to have cancer-preventing properties.
  • Study found that the spores (mycelia) of shiitake mushrooms can have protective abilities on the liver, suppress inflammation, and even have cancer-preventive properties for patients with chronic hepatitis.
  • Supports immune system.
  • Provides protection to cardiovascular by lowering cholesterol levels.

How To Enjoy

  • Add shiitake mushrooms into miso soup.
  • Healthy saute mushrooms with onions and garlic. Serve as a side dish.
  • For a quick and easy Asian pasta dish, healthy saute shiitake mushrooms with snap peas and tofu. Season to taste and serve over buckwheat soba noodles (or your favorite type of pasta).


About The Brand – Love Earth

Love Earth is a brand established by Wide Tropism, to enable everyone to consume hygiene, with quality and affordable organic products – which could help in maintaining one’s health and also help our one and only mother earth.

Love Earth brings everyone only ORGANIC & NATURAL products. Organic is 


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Expiry date: 12.2023

Our Nutritionist Says

Prized for it’s rich, savoury taste and diverse health benefits. Three serving of vegetables per day is recommended for adults, roughly equivalent to 6 pieces (40g) per serving of shiitake mushroom. Can be especially helpful when making vegetarian dishes as well.


  • Rich amounts of natural copper, a mineral that supports healthy blood vessels, bones, and immune support throughout pregnancy.
  • Also a rich source of selenium, a vital antioxidant helps regulate immune system, thyroid function and DNA production.
  • Versatile to use for healthy meal (e.g. stir fried veggies, pasta, soup etc.) 
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