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JayonTree Jujube - Dates Teabag

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3 Jujubes a day 

Stay young & vibrant


The efficacy and nutritional value of jujubes are well known, making them an excellent choice for health and as a tonic. Studies have found that the vitamins, A, B, C, K, P, plus rutin, alkaloids, saponins, etc., found in them can enhance blood flow and help prevent damage to the skin. Besides acting as a tonic for the vital energy and blood, they are also a good sleep aid and a beauty supplement.

Korean Daeheung Jujubes come from Gyeongsan, Korea, the finest place to grow jujubes. In addition to the excellent soil and sunlight, Daeheung's products are double screened and are shipped with the highest standards. With up to 6 patents and ISO22000 certification, you can be assured that every bite is perfectly safe.

Daeheung Korea has also developed a variety of healthy snacks and beverages made from jujubes, ensuring everyone can enjoy the delicious taste, while staying healthy at the same time. This beautiful gift box comes sincerely from the heart, giving you the peace of mind that you are consuming natural goodness, as well as savoring the rich and wonderful flavors.

  • Jujube tea is made from Korean jujube pulp and pure jujube seeds, which are processed using our patented drying technology, thereby providing a mellow taste and sweet aroma to even the smallest individual tea bags. 
Ingredients:Nutrition facts:
Jujube fruit 51%, Jujube seeds 49%Calories 10kcal, Sodium 0mg, Carbohydrate 3g, Sugar less than 1g, Total fat 0g, Trans fat 0g, Saturated fat 0g, Cholesterol 0g, Protein 0g

一日三枣,百岁不显老。大枣的功效及营养众所周知,成为养生滋补的绝佳选择之一。研究发现大枣的维生素, A、B、C、K、P、芦丁、生物碱、皂甙等,可增强毛细血管的脑出血,防止辐射。除了补气补血,增强体力,也能安神助眠及养颜美容.

韩国DaeHeung大枣,来自大枣最优质的生长地 – 韩国庆山(Gyeongsan)。除了拥有优良的土质和光照,韩国Daeheung 的产品都是经过双重筛选及达标出库。拥有高达6项专利申请及ISO22000认证, 让你每一口都食用得安心。


Jujube Tea 大枣茶包

  • 精选韩国肉质鲜嫩的纯枣果肉及清香纯正的大枣种子,加上经过专利干燥技术处理,让小小的独立茶包也能带来口感醇厚,清甜回甘的香味。



About The Brand – Jayon Tree

Gyeongsan Jujube was first cultivated at Magok-li, Jinryang-eup, Gyeongsan City, a region which has been named Jujube Valley because of the number of dense large Jujube trees. Since the 1980s, the trees have spread to over 25 % of the Gyeongsan area thanks to modern cultivation techniques and the region has become famous for its Jujube cultivation.


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