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Dear supplier, are you interested to list your product(s) at Green Wellness?

This is your check list:

  • Are you an all natural, non-GMO, organic, green OR environmentally friendly product(s) manufacturer, distributor or brand owner?
  • Are your product(s) registered with or approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia?
  • Are your product(s) free from artificial preservatives?
  • Are your Product(s) free from artificial flavoring?
  • Are your Product(s) free from artificial coloring?
  • Are your product(s) free from toxic chemical that are allergen, hormone disrupting, nerve destroying or carcinogenic in nature?


Yes to the above?

Please feel free to email us at supply@greenwellness.my by providing the following information:

a. Company profile

b. Contact details

c. Product ingredient and specification

e. BPFK registration number if applicable

f. Any certification proving natural, non-GMO, organic, green or environmentally friendly nature of your product(s).


Kindly be informed that due to the high volume of submissions we receive, only qualified product(s) supplier will be contacted. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.