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BiO-LiFE Pil-Food®

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"After taking 1 bottle of BiO-LIFE Pil-Food® 100s, I noticed hair started to grow on the bald patches!" Chan, 48 (Malacca)

"I was diagnosed with alopecia totalis (immune system attacking hair follicles). After consuming BiO-LIFE Pil-Food®, my hair growth increased and my hair fall reduced." Chew, 18 (Penang)

"After consuming BiO-LIFE Pil-Food® for 2 months, it reduces a lot of my hair fall and I can see tiny hairs growing around the thinning area of my hair" Choong, 50 (Petaling Jaya)

"After consuming BiO-LIFE Pil-Food® for 3 months, I could see significant reduction of hair fall and I am really happy about it." Lee, 28 (Kangsar)


Every strand matters!

Over 90% of hair is made of keratin, a protein with high sulphur content. Vitamins especially Vitamin B, polyunsaturated fatty acids and key trace elements are essential for keratin production and for cell metabolism in hair roots.

BiO-LiFE Pil-Food® is a long-establisehd Swiss natural remedy for healthy hair, with over 30 years of history. It contains sulphurated amino acids (provide more than 70% of RDA), vitamins and millet extract - all nutrients that are studied to be beneficial in sustaining healthy hair growth. These substances are important in the synthesis of keratin, which is the structural constituent of hair. It is ideal for dull, lifeless hair, thinning of the hair, brittle hair and nails, and may address further hair loss. Bio-LiFE Pil-Food® is safe as it contains no hormones and thus does not promote growth of any unwanted body hair. 


Each capsule contains:
Millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) extract20mg
Lactalbumin hydrolysate25mg
Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)25mg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)12.15mg
Vitamin E3.0iu



Adult: Take one capsule three times daily. To be taken with a large glass of water during meals or as recommended by our nutritionist. 


None known. Adhere to the dosage recommended or as prescribed by your health professional.

Suitable for vegetarians, men & women.

Product of Spain



BiO-LiFE Marketing is a growing healthcare subsidiary within Global Swiss Multinational (MNC) corporation DKSH Ltd, the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia.

BiO-LiFE with 25 years of experience and counting in the natural healthcare industry has a team that includes nutritionists, biochemists, food technologists and microbiologists. Since 1990 in Malaysia, BiO-LiFE has been synonymous with quality, safe and efficacious health supplements from Australia and United Kingdom.

A leader in natural healthcare & holistic therapies. BiO-LiFE name represents a range of nutritional supplements & herbal remedies based on scientific evidence & built on a strong foundation of QUALITY • SAFETY • EFFICACYWorking closely with nature, BiO-LiFE's products are specially formulated to meet the needs and expectations of today's modern lifestyle

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