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CLARA 2 IN 1 Action Scrub (50ml)

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Product Details

This revolutionized range is newly innovated and consists of specialized products that helps achieve a firmer, toned and perfect contour line. It contains Phytoamine Bio-complex, a high active ingredient that effectively rescues  the appearance of cellulite while effectively burning away unwanted fat. Sculpt your silhouette and gain a healthier looking figure.


A mild scrub cream for body / face which contains micro cellulose beads to gently massage away dead skin cells. The scrub is enriched with Palm Kernel Oil and Wheat Germ Oil in a complex blend of mild surfactants and emollients that combine cleansing and moisturizing properties in one product.


Apply an even layer of cream to moist skin. Work in with circular movement and rinse thoroughly with water. Do not use on inflammed, blotchy skin.


Deionised Water

  • Purified water for a more stable and cleaner performance
Sodium Cocoylisethionate

  • A fatty acid derived from coconut oil
  • As a surfactant, it solubilises oils and aids in foaming as well
Disodium Sulphosuccinate

  • A foaming agent that is very gentle on the skin and is even suitable for more sensitive skin types
Glyceryl Stearate 
& PEG-100 Stearate

  • This combination creates an excellent emulsifying and emulsion stabilising ingredient
Palm Kernel Oil

  • Contains vitamin E as antioxidant
  • Provides deep moisturizing properties to the skin
Wheat Germ Oil 
(Triticum vulgare)

  • High in vitamin A, D, and E, as well as essential fatty acids, lecithin, protein, minerals, and vitamin B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, and F
  • Its high linoleic acid content is good for acne-prone skin, helping to clear up complexion and for skin-toning
  • Contains antioxidants and anti aging properties, which helps in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging signs
Cellulose Beads

  • Locks moisture into the skin and enables a deeper penetration of other beneficial ingredients

  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Stimulates cell regeneration
  • Moisturizes dry skin
Cetyl Alcohol

  • Naturally derived from vegetable sources and act as an emulsifier or thickener

  • As humectants to maintain the skin outer barrier and prevent dryness or scaling
Magnesium Aluminium Silicate

  • Has the ability to retain a large amount of water

Mint Oil

  • Creates a cooling sensation
  • Nourishes dull skin and improves the texture of oily or greasy skin
Tetrasodium EDTA

  • A water softener and preservative
Methyldibromo Glutaronitrile

  • A preservative



  • Anti-bacterial and stabilizing agent

The product is registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia (MAL 04010089K)


About The Brand

37 Years of Expertise, Professionalism & Dedication

A pioneer in skin care since 1977, Clara International Beauty Group strives to become a true leader, acknowledged beyond Malaysia, breaking new ground in almost every facet of the industry.

With own R&D facilities, manufacturing plants, beauty centres, beauty colleges, beauty equipment distributorship, and time-tested business format franchise, Clara International has successfully evolved to become one of the largest beauty chains in Malaysia, with over 50 beauty centres throughout Malaysia with associates in Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Mauritius, India and Myanmar.

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