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Food for Friends Duo Tortilla Chips (150g)

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Delightful Dipping Duos

We believe good things come in pairs. That is why our Duo Tortilla Chips have the best of both flavors - nutty blue and sweet yellow corn - to tickle your taste buds. So don't just stop at one; Grab a couple of bags to go!



Stone ground yellow corn, stone ground blue corn, expeller pressed safflower and/or sunflower oil or corn oil, sea salt, and a trace of lime.

About Food for Friends

Food for Friends was founded by a trio of college pals bonded by their love of art and food. Tossing their ethnic influences into a pot, they started their Quest to create scrumptious foods that would invoke a sense of Gastronomic adventure and foster a cosmic camaraderie to transcend and border.Our assurance on Any Food for Friends products: There will never be any artificial flavors, colors,preservatives or transfats.

Food for Friends Tortilla Chips : Created from the finest non-GMO corn, Gluten Free, natural oils and finished with a blend of natural spices to create the perfect guilt-free snack.

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