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Formula Clear by Datin Dr. Clara Chee (60 capsules)

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Are you suffering one or more of these symptoms at the same time?
 If yes, you may be suffering from body damp heatiness! 


Outbreaks and pimples

Bad breath

Fever and flu



Disturbed sleep

Fatigue and lethargy


Dull skin color

Sore throat


Skin rashes and boil


Heatiness and dampness in the body is a common health problem!

Body heatiness is also known as heat stress. The body cannot cool itself and this causes several health problems like internal organs damage, heat cramps, heat rashes, pimples, dizziness and nausea. The normal body temperature of a human should be 36.9oC (98.6oF), with small variations acceptable.  No matter what the external weather conditions are like, the internal body temperature shall be maintained for the regular functioning of our body.


Be aware!

What increases your risk of suffering from body heat?



Excessive hot or humid climate that does not allow for the proper regulation of internal body temperature through sweating


 Wearing tight or synthetic clothing may trap moisture and lead to ineffective loss of heat


 Illnesses such as fever or infections


 An increased activity of the thyroid that raises the metabolic activity in the body and causes excess heat to be produced


 Strenuous exercise, work out or physical activity


 Over eating oily and fried food 


 Over eating hot and spicy food


 Drinking less water 


 Medical conditions such as seizures and muscular agitation


 Certain drugs or stimulants


 Neurological disorders can lead to excessive body heat even when sleeping

Other factors that may result in effective loss of heat include conditions such as psoriasis, systemic sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, and eczema as these diseases can affect the normal process of sweating

 Excessive exposure to the sun and sunburn can also cause excessive body heat


The solution! FORMULA CLEAR

With the worsening environment, sedentary lifestyle and the pressure of daily living, it is most crucial to maintain our body to be in a state of goodness. Formula Clear will definitely be the best option to reducing the heatiness in your body and a fantastic answer for a healthy Circulatory System through blood cleansing by removing waste and toxins effectively.

Formula Clear-Herbal Capsule is a traditional preparation made from specially selected herbs, which is suitable for all age groups. This completely herbal blend is powerful in its blood cleansing ability by removing waste and toxins effectively. Daily consumption as a health supplement assists in the maintenance of a healthy circulatory system thereby ensuring total well-being.

Formula Clear is formulated by Datin Dr. Clara Chee, Founder and Chairperson of Clara International Beauty Group.



Cortex Phellodendron Chinense Schneid

Known as ‘黄栢’ (Wang Bo) in Chinese, is one of the fifty fundamental herbs of traditional Chinese medicine. This herb is used to clear away heat to eliminate dampness and removes toxins from the body. 

It is good to combat toxic-haze now!


Radix Sophora FlavescensKnown as ‘苦参’ (Ku Shen) in Chinese, is good for clearing heat, removing dampness and hair growth which makes it a really popular option in the treatment of skin diseases and gynecological diseases.45mg

Rhizoma Coptis ChinenseKnown as ‘黄连’ (Wang Lian) in Chinese, is one of commonly used Chinese herbs. The essential functions of this herb are clearing heat, eliminating dampness, and relieving internal heat. It also has strong anti-bacterial properties.45mg

Herba Portulaca Oleracea L.

Known as '马齿苋‘ (Ma Chi Xian) in Chinese, is often regarded as a longevity herb. It is considered a “natural antibiotic” and a perfect herb that rises in response to the heat pathogen, especially for those who are suffering from hot flashes and night sweats.


Radix Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Fisch

Licorice Root, knowns as '甘草' (Gan Cao) in Chinese, is used to replenish ‘Qi’ (vital energy) and facilitates spleen and stomach functioning. It also helps to clear heat, eliminates toxic substances, expel phlegm as well as control coughing. 


Rhizoma Atractylodes Macrocephala Koidz

Known as '白术' (Bai Shu) in Chinese. Awarded the title as The First Herb of Invigorating Qi and Strengthening Spleen, modern researches show that Rhizoma Atractylodes helps to protect liver, improve immune system, fight oxidation, slow down aging and regulate blood sugar level.


Pericarpium Citrus Reticulata Blanco

Citrus peel, known as '陈皮" (Chen Pi) in Chinese, traditionally used to promote liver ‘qi’activity and the function of the digestive system. It is also good for clearing dampness and phlegm.


Semen Phaseolus Radiates L.

Mung beans, known as '绿豆' (Lv Dou) in Chinese, get its fame as the “Cure-the-Sick Grain” in China. It helps reducing blood fat, lowering cholesterol, preventing allergies, inhibiting the growth and multiplication of microorganisms, suppressing tumor growth, increasing appetite, protecting liver and kidney.


Recommended Dosage:

For maintenance: 1-3 capsules, twice a day, after meals

For treatment:  4-5 capsules, 2 times within 24 hours, after meals


How to Use:

For treatment: For the first 6 days, follow the recommended dosage for treatment and drink lots of water. After symptom subsided, you can reduce the dosage for maintenance.



Observe the response as some people might face healing crisis such as fever, tiredness and diarrhea. It’s very important to drink lots of water in order to flush out toxin during this period.


60 capsules per bottle
Country of Origin: Malaysia

Formula Clear is registered with Ministry of Health with number MAL09072845T

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