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Happy Munchies – Apple Rice Cakes

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Happy Munchies – Apple Rice Cakes

Organic Snack With Extra Nutrients For Your Little Ones

Our Happy Munchies are organic snacks for your little one, from veggie dusted rice cakes to baked cheese & veggie snack. Some are even fortified with Choline for brain and eye health. These delightful snacks are great for teething and teach babies how to eat with their fingers.

Our Apple Rice Cakes are great for baby teething and toddler snacking. They are made with organic ingredients and sweetened with 100% juice, and they encourage self-feeding!

  • Developed by Moms Like You
  • 7+ Months
  • Organic Superfoods
  • Whole Grain Brown Rice
  • Lightly Sweetened with Vegetable and Fruit Juice
  • No Added Colors, Artificial Preservatives or Flavors
  • Perfect Finger Food
  • USDA Organic
  • For Babies & Toddlers
  • Certified Organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)




Organic Brown Rice
  • Rich in B vitamins, manganese, selenium, iron and fiber
  • Rich in naturally-occurring oils & antioxidants
Organic Apple Juice Concentrate
  • Polyphenols in apple fruit can help control stomach disorders
  • Natural sweetener and rich in Vitamin C and potassium
Thiamine Mononitrate
(Vitamin B1)
  • Enhances circulation & assists in blood formation
  • Needed in the production of hydrochloric acid for proper digestion

Why Happy Munchies Rice Cakes?

Our puffed brown rice cakes are firm enough for your child’s little hands to hold, but gentle enough for your child’s developing gums. Perfect for teething and snacking. Encourages self feeding!

  • Organic Goodness: All Happy Munchies Rice Cakes are certified organic
  • Unsalted
  • Packaging is made without the use of BPA

Allergen Info

No gluten and wheat


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