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Life Regen Propolis, natural antibiotics from bees (10ml)

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Why Life Regen Propolis Is Your Best Choice?

Life Regen Propolis is made from Propolis from Brazil. Propolis from Brazil is known to be the best quality in the World.

Propolis from Brazil has shown to contain higher flavonoids content than Propolis from other regions. Therefore, it is more effective.

Alcohol free. Suitable to use for everyone in your family, from the young to the elderly.

Processed under low temperature, able to preserve more active constituent.

Quality Assured - Free of heavy metal, microbiology and pesticides.

Preservative Free. Colouring Free.

Easy to carry. Easy to take.

Suitable for all age groups


For best results, the following intake recommendation is provided:


1.Maintenance and as prevention from common flu: 5 to 10 drops twice daily
2.Gingivitis, ulcer, toothache: Apply directly to the affected area; apply every 2-4 hour if necessary.
3.Cold, flu, cough (upper respiratory infection): Slowly put 1 tube of propolis into throat, drink water only after 15minutes, can be used up to 2-5 times if necessary.
4.Sore throat: 5 to 10 drops directly into throat, apply every 2-4 hour if necessary
5.Sinusitis, nasal congestion: 2-3 drops on cotton buds, apply in the nose.
6.Athlete's foot: Apply directly onto affected area.
7.Wound: Apply directly onto affected area, up to 2-5 times if necessary
8.Rheumatism, arthritis, gastritis: 1 tube, 2-3 times per day. Note: Caution should be taken for those with hypotension
9.Diabetes, high blood pressure: 1 tube, 3 times per day, reduce the dose when the condition improves.
Note: Caution should be taken for those with hypotension

Each bottle contains 10ml of Propolis.

Propolis is one of the most valuable bee products. It is a natural gummy product collected from the buds of conifers and used by honeybees to fill cracks in their hives. It is a sticky mass that is dark green or brown in colour, with a pleasant flavor of poplar buds, honey, wax and vanilla but it can also be bitter in taste.

The word "Pro-polis" originated from Greek, "PRO" meaning "in defence of" and "POLIS" meaning "town". So, "PROPOLIS" is a defence wall to the bee's town. It is applied by the bees as a protective layer for the beehives, as the naturally occurring antibiotic helps to protect the beehives from harmful bacteria. Indeed, when unexpected guests come to the hives – insects, snails, lizards, mice etc., to rob honey, then the bees, after having killed them would cover them with Propolis. The corpse so covered are transformed into mummies and would never decay. And it is also because of its strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Propolis ensures a clean environment for the bees.

Ancient cure for Today's Ailment 

Propolis is probably one of the oldest natural remedies known to man. Historically, Propolis was used in Greece and Egypt for more than 2000 years to treat infections, abscesses, wounds and tumors. Today, many studies have been done on Propolis. Scientists recognize Propolis as a powerful natural antibiotic that strengthens the efficacy of the immune system. It is also widely used for many other ailments such as dental problem, anti-tumour, prevention of colds, acute infection, rheumatic disease and etc.

The Seven Health Benefits of Propolis


1.Powerful Natural Antibiotic : Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal 
According to a 1967 study by Lindefelser of United States, Propolis has shown antibiotic properties against at least 25 types of bacteria as the CAPE (caffeic acid phenethyl ester) active ingredient found in Propolis shows strong antibiotic, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Useful to treat colds and flu, sore throat and any other infection.
2.Modulates Immune System 
Propolis immunomodulatory action has been mentioned and proves by the Scientists from Japan. It shows that Propolis activates and increases the activity of macrophages and natural killer cells, and thus it strengthens the body's immune system.
3.Strong Anti-inflammatory Effects
A paper by Park et al. in 1999 concluded that Propolis has profound anti-inflammatory effects on both chronic and acute arthritis. The anti-inflammation properties also extend to other illness such as gastritis, hepatitis and upper respiratory tract infection. It also helps to reduce the frequency of asthma attacks. Any disorder or illness related to inflammation could be helped by Propolis.
4.Anti-oxidant, Free Radicals Scavenger 
Flavonoids are the most abundant and most effective antioxidants in Propolis (Scheller et al., 1990). Flavonoids were shown to be strong antioxidants due to their ability to scavenge free radicals. It is important for the protection of your arteries and cells and for the prevention at a wide range of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
5.Anti-tumour, Cancer Prevention
As recently as June 2005, cancer researchers have been given a grant of a million dollars to investigate the therapeutic value of Propolis for cancer. Quercetin, diterpenoid and other Propolis related flavonoids are known to cause cell death in tumor cells but not in normal cells.
6.Speed Up Wound Healing
Propolis is high in arginie and proline, together it stimulates the cell metabolism and tissue regeneration. Therefore, Propolis is very useful in treating infected wound, burns, and all kinds of skin inflammation. Not just internally, externally it is used to treat abscesses for more than 2000 year.
7.Dental Care
Another benefit of Propolis is in dental care. Propolis used as a mouthwash after a dental surgery appears to shorten the healing time. It inhibits the growth of a wide range of bacterial organisms; prevents the formation of dental plaque and it is also useful in the treatment of mouth ulcer and gingivitis.

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