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Love Earth Organic Golden Flaxseed (400g)

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The seeds come from flax, one of the oldest fiber crops in the world - known to have been cultivated in ancient Egypt and China.

Flaxseed is a source of healthy fat, antioxidants, and fiber; modern research has found evidence to suggest that flaxseed can also help lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

The nutritional value of golden flaxseed and brown flaxseed are similar. A high quality flaxseed whether golden or brown will accomplish the same heart healthy result, although we have found most people prefer the nutty-buttery flavor of the golden flaxseed over the brown flaxseed.

Health Benefits of Golden Flaxseed

  • The primary omega-3 fatty acid in flaxseed, alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA—can be helpful to the cardiovascular system.
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Three of the lignans found in flaxseed; secoisolariciresinol, matairecinol, and pinoresinol—can help to reduce the risk of cancers.
  • Improve blood sugar levels.


A Few Quick Serving Ideas

  • Sprinkle ground golden flaxseeds onto your hot or cold cereal.
  • Add golden flaxseeds to your homemade muffin, cookie or bread recipe.
  • To pump up the nutritional volume of your breakfast shake, add ground golden flaxseeds.
  • To give cooked vegetables a nuttier flavor, sprinkle some ground golden flaxseeds on top of them.

About The Brand – Love Earth

Love Earth is a brand established by Wide Tropism, to enable everyone to consume hygiene, with quality and affordable organic products – which could help in maintaining one’s health and also help our one and only mother earth.

Love Earth brings everyone only ORGANIC & NATURAL products. Organic is commonly perceived as “expensive” products and is categorized as “high-end” products. BUT!! No more expensive in Love Earth. They provide everyone with the lowest cost they could give and promise to give the best quality they could.

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