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Nature's Plus SPIRU-TEIN Pina Colada -- Single serving pack

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  • No time for nutritious meal?
  • Skipping meals to lose weight?
  • Gaining back the weight you struggled to lose?
  • Always feeling tired?


Pina Colada's nutrition facts


Piña Colada 

With no alcohol and fat, now you can savor the rich, natural and decadent experience of SPIRU-TEIN Piña Colada protein energy shake from the comforts of your own home with densely packed essential nutrients, along with a healthy infusion of plant-based protein. One of life's true pleasures is enjoying a delicious treat you know is good for you in every way.

The piña colada has been the official drink of Puerto Rico since 1978. The name Piña Colada literally means strained pineapple, a reference to the freshly pressed and strained pineapple juice used in the drink's preparation.

  • Limited Edition.
  • SPIRU-TEIN Piña Colada is loaded with succulent real pineapple pieces in each exquisitely sumptuous sip.
  • SPIRU-TEIN Piña Colada is a powerful, all-purpose shake for anyone seeking total health and vitality.
  • SPIRU-TEIN Piña Colada provides 14g of protein derived from nature’s premier sources – rice, pea and fermented and unfermented soy.
  • SPIRU-TEIN Piña Colada is power-packed with 100% of the Daily Value of vitamins along with a broad profile of essential minerals.
  • SPIRU-TEIN Piña Colada mixes instantly in water or milk, for a fast convenient and satisfying meal replacement.
  • SPIRU-TEIN Piña Colada revitalizes both body and mind, providing powerful nutrition that enhances health, supercharges energy levels, and inspires peak performance!



Introducing SPIRU-TEIN®, the no. 1 meal replacement and best selling plant-based protein energy shake in the America! 


SPIRU-TEIN is fast! And perfectly designed for our fast-paced times. SPIRU-TEIN gives you complete control over your valuable time. Total nutrition on demand.

Delicious Dieting
The key to effective dieting is to focus on healthier habits rather than unsustainable diets. Every serving of SPIRU-TEIN gives calorie and carb counters the appetite satisfaction and the healthy feeling they seek. And, used every day as part of a sensible dietary plan, SPIRU-TEIN puts weight management goals within easier reach.

Energy on the go
SPIRU-TEIN is the nutritious way to attain higher level of energy. SPIRU-TEIN’s potent protein, interlaced with an active blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, helps support your body’s ability to perform at its best. SPIRU-TEIN – energy when you need it most!

Quality you can count on
When it comes to healthy food supplements, it’s all about purity, quality and potency. It’s our commitment to uphold these standards in every product bearing the Nature’s Plus name. And it’s your assurance that you are purchasing the freshest, highest quality energy supplement available.

Always non-GMO, as nature intended
SPIRU-TEIN’s core is protein. Nature’s Plus proudly uses only non-GMO vegetarian protein. We utilize the most advanced scientific methodology to analyze our products and conform to all European Union standards for genetic Identity Preservation.

Enjoy a gluten-free lifestyle
Everyone can reap the gluten-free benefits of life-enhancing nutrition with delicious SPIRU-TEIN. Nature’s Plus consistently maintains the highest standards for its gluten-free products with in-house and independent testing.

Patent pending Tri-part full spectrum protein
A unique blend of rice, pea and soy protein from both fermented and non-fermented soy, supplying all the essential amino acids the body needs to sustain optimal health.

Certified Kosher
Nature’s Plus Kosher certification program involves a lengthy process of interpreting centuries-old principles and applying them to our in-house manufacturing practices – from raw material selection, processing and manufacturing to final packaged products.


Complete broad spectrum protein complex
SPIRU-TEIN formulations feature a unique blend of ingredients, including:

  • Superior patent-pending TRI-PART PROTEIN BLEND of rice, pea and soy. Soy protein from both fermented and non-fermented soy.
  • 100% of more daily value of all vitamins suggested by FDA
  • Broad profile of essential minerals
  • Energy nutrients from high quality tri-part protein and bee pollen
  • Diet-aids: Lecithin, Spirulina, Choline and Inositol
  • Enzymes: Bromelain and papaya
  • Cleansing: chlorophyll
  • Fiber: Bran, Cellulose and Apple Pectin



Spiru-tein Changed My Life and Fulfilled My Dreams

As a result of his successful weight loss story, Oprah Winfrey invited David to her "Incredible Weight Loss Stories" show in 2003. She even made his dream come true by giving him his dream car, a Porsche and that moment is one of Oprah's favourite moments on television. (Youtube link:

At the age of 32 and a father of 2 young boys, David weighed an overwhelming 525 pounds. He decided to reduce his weight after he found out a disheartening prediction on a website. By answering a few lifestyle questions, the website predicted that he could reasonably expect to live only another two or three year because of his obesity. He also felt that his health had started to deteriorate.

After a year of 'hard works', David managed to reduce his weight to 220 pounds. David insists that his weight-loss secrets are no secret at all: exercise, regular medical checkups and a well-rounded, disciplined diet. He changed his eating habits by giving up bread, pastas, pizza, red meat and soft drinks. He chose to add Spiru-Tein protein shake to his diet because Spiru-Tein offers everything he was looking for – high energy, soy protein and a broad profile of vitamins and minerals, and it tastes great without excessive carbohydrates
David Caruso, Sugar Notch, Pennsylvania, USA

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Risk free First purchase with 30-days money back guarantee

We strive to give you 100% happiness in every way. If you are worried for any reason before getting to know us, worry not! For your FIRST SPIRU-TEIN purchase, if you are not completely happy with Nature’s Plus SPIRU-TEIN you purchased from us for any reason, return it to us within 30 days of purchase. In addition to refunding 100% of your purchase price, we will refund your shipping and handling, AND we will even pay for the return shipping back to us. 

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