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Radiant Organic Yellow Split Peas (200g)

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Country of Origin: USA

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Split peas belong to the same family as lentils and beans. What distinguishes these dried peas is the ways in which they are prepared and how they are shaped. Dried peas are spherical and produced by harvesting the pea pods when they are mature and then drying them. After they are dried and the skins are removed, they split on their own. They come in green, red and yellow colors. Yellow split peas offer many nutritional benefits, including being rich in dietary fiber and protein.

  • Rich in energy-yielding nutrients: protein and carbohydrates.
  • Excellent source of vitamin B1 (Thiamin) – Needed for proper nervous system function.
  • Offers phosphorus and potassium – Involved in developing healthy bones and promoting healthy arterial circulation.
  • Good source of dietary fiber.


Direction of Use:

  • Use yellow split peas to make dhal, the classic Indian dish.
  • Split pea soup is a delicious way to enjoy this nutritious legume.



Radiant Code is a reputable and well trusted organic food importer and distributor in Malaysia. They are the first importer and distributor of organic foods in Malaysia that receives organic certification since year 2000.

They deal with reputable certified organic farms and manufacturers who are accredited to International Bodies like IFOAM (International Federation Of Organic Agriculture Movement). They are not only organic certified by BioGro New Zealand but also certified by SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance, Switzerland) for HACCP (Hazard Critical Control Point Analysis) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). They are also Halal certified by JAKIM.

Radiant Code supplies a comprehensive range of organic products to complement a healthy lifestyle.

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