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Radiant Raw Manuka Honey (Natural)

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Country of Origin: New Zealand

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Radiant Raw Manuka is direct from natural hives in beautiful remote regions within New Zealand. In allowing the bees, flowers and season to interact naturally, the colour, texture and flavour will experience subtle variations from batch to batch. Each batch has been tested by Independent scientific laboratory for Methylglyoxal (MG) content. Methylglyoxal (MG) content is the ‘UNIQUE’ manuka ingredient / content collected by the Bee from the nectar of the manuka flower.

Because not only it is high quality honey, Radiant Raw Manuka is extracted warm from the hive; is not blended, creamed, processed or pasteurised in any way. It is packed fresh to order: this method retains a higher concentration of nature’s natural properties including their methylglyoxal content.

  • Radiant manuka is managed on BIOGRO organic principles in remote pristine locations
  • Hives are only in remote areas away from cities, towns, industrial and intensive farming/orcharding
  • No chemicals or pesticides used on land or water sources where hives are placed
  • No drugs, or antibiotics used. Minimal varroa treatment only
  • Retains seasonal enzymes, pollens and other beneficial synergistic compounds. Pure Quality



100% Raw New Zealand Manuka Honey


Direction of Use:

1/2 tablespoon twice daily or more as needed.

Natural seasonal variations in natural structure, taste and texture.



Do not feed honey to infants under one year of age.



Radiant Code is a reputable and well trusted organic food importer and distributor in Malaysia. They are the first importer and distributor of organic foods in Malaysia that receives organic certification since year 2000.

They deal with reputable certified organic farms and manufacturers who are accredited to International Bodies like IFOAM (International Federation Of Organic Agriculture Movement). They are not only organic certified by BioGro New Zealand but also certified by SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance, Switzerland) for HACCP (Hazard Critical Control Point Analysis) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). They are also Halal certified by JAKIM.

Radiant Code supplies a comprehensive range of organic products to complement a healthy lifestyle.

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