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BiO-LiFE BIO-ENRICHED Fish Oil 1000mg (100 capsules)

RM 171.00 RM 190.00

Product Details BiO-LIFE BIO-ENRICHED Fish Oil 1000mg is a highly purified double-strength fish oil containing 65% omega-3 marine fish oil...

BiO-LiFE Advanced Multiblend PROBIOtix

RM 62.70

*cold item (delivery to Peninsular Malaysia only)

BiO-LiFE Fish Oil 1000mg

RM 25.00

heart disease, brain, eye, depression

BiO-LiFE Proutix (30 tablets)

RM 95.00

healthy vaginal flora

BiO-LiFE Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg

RM 46.00

vitamin E, GLA, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), dry skin, hormonal imbalance

BiO-LIFE A.B. Junior Pre & Pro

RM 24.00

probiotic, prebiotic

BiO-LiFE PREMiTON (30 capsules)

RM 32.80 RM 41.00

malabsorption disorder, fatigue, stress

BiO-LiFE Executive B Complex

RM 67.00

workplace stress

BiO-LiFE Oralbiotix K12 (30 lozenges)

RM 86.90

antimicrobial, bad breath

BiO-LiFE Livasil

RM 78.00

detoxification, liver toxic

BiO-LiFE Milk Thistle & Dandelion

RM 26.00

detoxification, pollutants

BiO-LiFE Evening Primrose Oil & Fish Oil 500mg

RM 88.80

arthritis, high cholesterol, hypertension

BiO-LiFE Celery 3000

RM 32.00

relieve joint pain

BiO-LiFE Calcium & Magnesium Plus

RM 39.00

back pain, absorption, calcium citrate

BiO-LiFE Organic Spirulina 500mg

RM 45.00

wholefood, nutritious, protein, vitamin B, beta carotene, mother's mil, GLA

BiO-LiFE Anti-FR + Selenium

RM 43.00

acne, alzheimer's disease, parkinson's disease, arthritis, cataract, cardiovascular diseases

BiO-LiFE Salmon Oil 1000mg

RM 19.80 RM 22.00

Product Details Salmons are fatty fish native to cold northern waters of the world that are famous for their taste as...

BiO-LiFE Red Yeast Rice (30 tablets x 2)

RM 69.00

heart, blood circulation