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CLARA Body Contouring S Gel (50ml)

RM 127.20

Product DetailsThis revolutionized range is newly innovated and consists of specialized products that helps achieve a firmer, toned and perfect...

CLARA Hibiscus Mask (50ml)

RM 100.70

Product DetailsBeautiful Sphere range is formulated with rich ingredients that will help to improve skin elasticity which can reactivate tissue...

CLARA Oil Free Moisturiser (50ml)

RM 104.95

CLARA Oil Free Moisturiser Oily Pimple Acne Skin

CLARA HPS Calming Lotion (150ml)

RM 74.20

CLARA HPS Calming Lotion sensitive skin

CLARA HPS Cleansing Fluid (150ml)

RM 74.20

CLARA HPS Cleansing Fluid Facial wash sensitive skin

CLARA Special Blue Lotion (150ml)

RM 76.30

CLARA Special Blue Lotion sensitive eyes

CLARA Cleansing Fluid (150ml)

RM 66.00

CLARA Cleansing Fluid facial skin care

Formula Clear by Datin Dr. Clara Chee (60 capsules)

RM 169.90

This 100% herbal blend is powerful in body damp heat reducing and blood cleansing by removing waste and toxins effectively.

CLARA LD Clear Cream

RM 99.00

CLARA LD Clear Cream soothing irritable skin conditions