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At Green Wellness Malaysia, we partner mummies & daddies to avoid toxicant so that your little precious and loved ones are protected from exposure in food they eat, toiletries they use and house they live in!

All we want is to encourage the active pursuit of healthy options that are safe, genuine and high quality to empower your toxin-free burdenless lifestyle! 

Founded in 2012, Green Wellness Malaysia gathers healthy wellness products that are free from artificial chemicals for the entire family, through the eMarketplace www.greenwellness.my whereby food, health supplements, groceries, beauty and personal care are offered for preggies, babies, toddlers and adults

We also hold 3 exclusive brands to import from Korea and distribute through over 500 local retailers throughout Malaysia. Furthermore, we also partner with 50 different brands with over 1,000 products that synergize with Green Wellness's concept and ideology.

Our Focus:

  • Healthy Wellness Marketplace 
  • Premium products with organic and natural ingredient
  • We screen neutrally to make sure no harsh chemical ingredients are used in products sold
  • Trusted provider of genuine products and high service quality


Green Wellness is also the official and exclusive importer of these selected delicious and healthy Korean snacks – DDODDOMAM, ALL-RIGHT and KEMY. 

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Our Founders


Datin Dorph Peng, Managing Director

"Today, I am a healthy happy person wearing my high heel, going freely wherever I want and living the life of my dream. But it wasn't always that way. About 20+ years ago, I was immobilized, hospitalized and prohibited from working for 6 months with my backbone problem. I never realised that our natural ability to walk, sit, stand, move and getting onto or off the bed or car was such a blessing. Who would think that a young adult in her twenties could suffer immobility and lose health? And it wasn't due to accident. That was a painful but unnecessary lesson. Our health should never ever be taken for granted. And health lies in how we live every single day because prevention is definitely better than cure!"

Dorph has been an entrepreneur since 1999 before she sold off her IT company and ventured into consumer health industry, bringing with her an IT degree from Monash University, Australia, and Executive MBA e-business from Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands, where she was accorded the best overall performance award. Dorph is also the winner of 2004 Malaysia SMI Women Entrepreneur Award, 2005 Asia Pacific e-Entrepreneur Excellence Award and 2005 Intellectual Women Entrepreneur Award.


Ms. Bernice Fei, Executive Director

"Now you see me with my normal weight yet enjoying delicious food just like I enjoy my life. But life was never this way. I used to be 20 pounds overweight and suffered all the negativities of an overweight person. Perhaps I enjoyed my life too much while studying for Food Science & Technology in USA, where the main goal of a food scientist was to create food that is delicious and marketable without considering much on the health and weight impact, and I am simply a food lover.

Luckily my life changed after living in Japan for 2 years, where I discovered that in order to continuously enjoy my life and food to the fullest without gaining weight, I must first learn to strike a good balance in my diet and lifestyle. Satisfying our taste buds is just as important as providing nutrients to our body. This believes turned me around, and thus formed the root of Green Wellness's focus and products in food based nutrition that is delicious, nutritious and convenient while meeting the modern lifestyle needs. My extra weight went off and stayed off for 15 years now without rebound. You can too!"

Countries we served since 2012

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