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Baby Food in Malaysia? 5 Reasons Why Organic Baby Food is Better

Baby Food in Malaysia? 5 Reasons Why Organic Baby Food is Better

When you become a parent, you are always looking to give your child the best care, especially in food, as what they eat affects their development. The debate around organic versus non-organic food has its own arguments, but there is no doubt that more organic baby food in Malaysia is popping up and is preferred.

But should you buy into the organic baby food trend in Malaysia? Well, here are five reasons to consider when it comes to choosing food for your little ones and where you can get the best organic baby food in Malaysia.

1. There are no pesticides in organic baby food in Malaysia

Organic food - like its name - is organically produced, which means that there are significantly fewer pesticides used compared to conventional produce. Instead of pesticides, growing organic crops use natural fertilisers such as compost.

Pesticides are especially dangerous to babies or children because their bodies are much more inclined to the toxicity of pesticides. Their brain, nervous system and organs are still in the midst of the development and do not have the strength to combat the adverse effects of pesticides. This is one reason why organic baby food in Malaysia might be on the rise.

2. Organic baby foods in Malaysia are not genetically modified

Organic baby food brands in Malaysia are made from natural produce, which means there are no genetically modified organisms (GMO) used to grow agricultural crops. GMO is when one or more genes from another organism are altered with the DNA of the crop to stimulate growth or create new varieties of plants.

Organic baby food is a non-GMO product which means it uses all-natural crops. This makes it safer for babies as they are still developing and GMOs might have adverse effects on their bodies.

3. No artificial ingredients are present in organic baby food in Malaysia

Organic baby food is all-natural, which means there are no additions of artificial ingredients such as artificial preservatives, colouring or flavours.

To become a certified organic brand that is distributed, brands are subject to government rules and regulations to ensure the product stands by its organic tag - basically, this gives peace of mind that organic baby food that is sold, is the real deal. This makes it better for the baby because it uses an all-natural product which has less risk compared to conventional baby food in Malaysia.

4. The Best Organic Baby Food Brands Actually taste better

Many parents who opt to feed organic baby food in Malaysia find that it tastes better. This could be attributed to the fact that organic baby food has no artificial flavouring, preservatives, or any artificial ingredients, so it is true to taste.

This can also help positively build the baby’s palate because it tastes true to the source, and this works for them in later years to identify foods.

5. Organic baby food is environmentally friendly

In line with the organic narrative, organic baby food in Malaysia uses environmentally friendly packaging, which is great for eco-conscious parents. Not only are you feeding your baby the best organic baby food brands, but you are also helping in building a better world for their generation.

Organic baby food products in Malaysia tend to use reusable and recyclable packaging to stick with the eco-friendly initiatives.

Get Organic Baby Food Online in Malaysia with Green Wellness

There are many choices when it comes to organic baby food in Malaysia. Green Wellness carries various organic baby food brands in the form of easy meals to snacks. Here are some of our top baby food recommendations in Malaysia that you can find on Green Wellness.

  • DDODDOMAM: Organic, HACCP and multi-1SO certified, DDODDOMAM is certified halal and uses only chemical-free grains that are grown without chemical pesticides. It is also additives-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and is conveniently packed with resealable bags.
  • Cheeki Monki: Cheeki Monki carries nutritious noodles that are free of artificial colours and flavours, with no preservatives or salt added. These noodles also contain essential nutrients for a baby’s growth, including calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, and vitamin D.
  • Happy Baby: Happy baby is organic baby food that uses no artificial flavours with roughly two grams of protein per serving. It is great as a first snack as it can easily dissolve in a baby’s mouth. On top of that, the packaging is made without BPA. We recommend the Happy Baby Greek Yogis (Blueberry & Purple Carrot) as it contains ingredients that are good sources of probiotics to improve the digestive system, while also providing antioxidants for the immune system.
  • Love Earth: Love Earth is a reputable organic baby food brand in Malaysia that ensures products have no chemical additives, no preservatives, no flavouring and are non-GMO. Their baby rice is especially great as it is made from whole grains and hailed as the perfect first food for babies at around six months because it is easy to digest and is hypoallergenic.

We carry only premium products with organic and natural ingredients while also being the best place to buy halal baby food in Malaysia. We also screen each product to ensure no harsh chemicals are within the products we sell.

In terms of organic baby food prices in Malaysia, there are places where you can get it more affordably, such as Green Wellness. We also host organic baby food sales in Malaysia - so make sure to be on the lookout for great deals to ensure you can buy more for less.

So, start shopping with Green Wellness today and buy baby food in Malaysia now!


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