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Love Earth Organic Dried Muscat Raisin (220g)

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Craving for some snacks? Try this healthy alternative, conveniently packed for variety of choices.

Muscat raisins are larger than the common raisin and also darker in colour. Produced from the Alexandria grape, Muscat’s are very sweet in flavour. They are unsulfured, organic and range from golden color to brown. Now you can enjoy muscat raisins in dried form, anytime, anywhere!


Health Benefits of Muscat Raisin

  • Muscat raisins contain boron that supports growth of healthy bones
  • Energy booster – Rich in carbohydrates, especially natural sugars, they give you a quick boost of energy - without weighing you down.
  • Good source of prebiotic and dietary fiber – Eases & prevents constipation
  • Good Source of Antioxidants
  • Rich in Iron and Potassium


How To Enjoy:

  • Consume direct as a snack.
  • Add dried muscat raisins to hot or cold cereal.
  • Add some dried muscat raisins to the batter when baking cakes, muffins or pancakes.

About The Brand – Love Earth

Love Earth is a brand established by Wide Tropism, to enable everyone to consume hygiene, with quality and affordable organic products – which could help in maintaining one’s health and also help our one and only mother earth.

Love Earth brings everyone only ORGANIC & NATURAL products. Organic is commonly perceived as “expensive” products and is categorized as “high-end” products. BUT!! No more expensive in Love Earth. They provide everyone with the lowest cost they could give and promise to give the best quality they could.

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